Ambassadors 2017 – This is My Pride

Gebroeders Grimm

“Add a touch of class with the Glitter and Glamour of the Brothers Grimm.” Robert Anthony en Thom Rijpstra, ofwel de Gebroeders Grimm, zijn bekende gezichten in de hoofdstad en van de Amsterdam Pride. Regelmatig zijn zij als gastheren aanwezig op evenementen, gekleed in unieke kostuums. “Daar waar wij verschijnen, zijn wij graag geziene gasten. Het lijkt zo vanzelfsprekend om jezelf te zijn. Toch is dat niet altijd zo, soms worden we wel eens na geroepen en/of een enkele keer bespuugd.”

Ana Paula Lima

Enthousiaste activiste voor alle transgenders van Braziliaanse afkomst. “Ik kan niet overal zijn wie ik ben. Ik voel mij als transgender persoon niet altijd veilig. Ook in Nederland zijn er plekken waar ik niet wil dat de mensen weten dat ik trans ben. Ik ben dit jaar ambassadeur omdat de meeste transgenders zich niet goed gepresenteerd voelen binnen de LHBTI-gemeenschap. Dat moet veranderen. Dit is ook onze Pride!”

Sjors van der Panne

Nederlandstalige zanger. Hij bracht in 2011 zijn debuutalbum Eén nacht uit, maar brak in 2014 door bij het grote publiek toen hij meedeed aan de talentenjacht The Voice of Holland, waar hij als tweede eindigde. In 2014 opende hij ook in het Van Gogh-museum, samen met Liesbeth List, de zogenoemde ‘Arts & Culture-pride van de stichting Amsterdam Gay Pride. “Juist in deze tijd is het heel belangrijk om verbinding te maken met elkaar. Met andere LHBTI’s, maar eigenlijk met iedereen die jouw pad kruist.”

Souad Boumedien

Deze agente van Marokkaanse afkomst werkt al meer dan 20 jaar bij de politie. Souad Boumedien wil haar ambassadeurschap inzetten om allianties te sluiten om uitsluiting tegen te gaan. “Met het thema This Is My Pride vieren we dat we mens zijn, hoe verschillend ook. We ademen dezelfde zuurstof en hebben elkaar nodig. Laten we er wat moois van maken.”

Niki Today

Theatre Queen, Miss Travestie Holland 2016. Een theaterdier met een hart van goud die enorm geniet van het zingen van mooie songs. “Be true to yourself, true to someone else and true to the world. This Is My Pride! Iedereen ervaart de Pride anders. We zijn stuk voor stuk uniek, maar toch voelt het tijdens de Pride alsof we één zijn. Dat is voor mij toch het echte Pride gevoel.”

Shary-An Nivillac

Tijdens de eerste editie van The Voice of Holland brak Shary-An door bij het grote publiek. Inmiddels heeft zij drie albums op haar naam staan en scoorde hits met de nummers Never Played The Bass en Summer of My Life. “Als je luistert naar mijn liedje Save You dan weet je hoe ik denk over het thema voor dit jaar! Geloof in jezelf en laat je door niemand uit het veld slaan. Dat is belangrijk en nodig.”

Ambassadors 2016 – EuroPride


Singer and fashion icon Conchita Wurst has been immensely popular since she won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen. Since then she proved to be a true hero for the International Gay Rights Movement and we are very proud to announce that she is the international ambassador of the EuroPride 2016 Amsterdam. A few weeks ago Conchita came to Amsterdam for a secret photoshoot with Philippe Vogelenzang who has been portraying the ambassadors for our campaign. She will not only be one of the faces but will also be performing in the Human Rights Concert on Sunday July 24th and pop up at various places during the closing weekend (5/6/7 Aug) of the festival to let us enjoy her voice.



Margriet is a Dutch journalist who was the editor-in-chief of the feminist magazine ‘Opzij‘ from September 2008 till October 2013. In the summer of 2009 she presented the VPRO-program ‘Zomergasten‘ and in 2015 she participated in the tv-show ‘Wie is de Mol‘ and later that year she published her first book ‘De Liefde Niet‘.

“My coming-out was difficult, but a break-free to individual freedom; everybody has this right. That is exactly the main message that I want to give with my ambassadors role for EuroPride 2016. Role models, solidarity within our community, the constant challenge to fight for our rights and for (young) people in different communities around the world and people who need us are of great interest. Individual freedom is important, but the individual doesn’t need to fight for it alone.”


Valentijn is a dutch model, columnist and DJ. She is a transwomen who became famous with her documentary ‘Valentijn‘ wherein she was followed for over nine years during her transition from men to women. She was raised in Lelystad and lives in Amsterdam these days, where she studies literature studies and French at the University of Amsterdam. After her transition in 2007 she started working as a model for Martin Margiela and Love Magazine. She also writes for Spunk.


Diva MayDay is Holland’s most famous and well know drag personality. In 1995 she had her big breakthrough towards the general public by participating on various TV-shows. Currently she works as a presentator and DJ. She also won the ‘Diva of the Year‘ award in 2013 and in 2014 the ‘Absolutely Fabulous‘ award at the Golden Gnomes. Furthermore she is the night mayor of Sitges (Spain) and since 2016 one of the faces of the weekly Sunday party ‘Dragfever‘ at Amstel54 and the fabulous cocktail Wednesday at the Taboo bar.


Sipke Jan Bousema is a known Dutch TV-personality who we gladly can call our EuroPride ambassador. He created various television programs and documentaries about LGBT-emancipation in The Netherlands. However he also highlighted and visited various activists around the world to show the importance of their work. Spike would like to be an example to the younger generation.


Ambassadors 2015

“Let love rule”

Love, as it is, nothing more and nothing less. Or, as ambassador Dolly Bellefleur himself puts it: “Women and men, women and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, whatever you may consume the love, let love rule. Whether you’re gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. We are family. Long live diversity! “Dolly, born as Rudolf Lammert Douma, finds herself in many ways a late bloomer. He was nineteen when he told his mother that he was gay and 28 when he finally dared to focus completely on the theater. “Actually, it is incomprehensible that I’ve not told it before. Besides, my mother came from a family of eleven children of whom two boys were found to be gay. “Dolly’s a late coming out had never been an issue at home. “My parents have always supported all the way. As ambassador, I would gladly share their unconditional love. ”

“A place in the media for LGBT’s”

Ambassador Raymi Sambo is sober about his coming out. “I had a boyfriend and I told my family about it. I never felt the urge to give them an explanation, because they never introduced themselves as heterosexual”. Raymi loves to create new things, to devise and implement. That’s why he started directing and producing next to acting. Besides his own work he also directs for others. He has his own theater group for ten years (VIG) and is nine years associated with theater group ZEP. Lately he started producing (short) movies. The main subject within these movies is dealing with the image of LGBT group. “It is time that LGBT’s get the correct image in the media, so not as caricatures, but as real people. Where are the series, movies, plays in which the love between people of the same sex to be shown on a pretty honest way? You can show the world that the problems we have are human, regardless of color or orientation”.

“Do go crazy, who cares ?!”

She is one of the three ambassadors of Gay Pride this year and moreover she gives her powerhouse voice to the Gay Pride Anthem 2015: “I Am What I Am (and I don’t give a damn)”. The 20-year-old upcoming talent from The Hague competed in The Voice of Holland 2014, where she made it to the finals. She was asked what she thinks about becoming an ambassador of Amsterdam Gay Pride 2015: “A big fat super event with a beautiful message. I feel very proud and happy!”. Her stage name is a simple translation of her real name, Emmaly de Bruijn. The studio recordings of the Gay Pride Anthem are barely behind us as this interview takes place. Time to find out everything about this latest AGP ambassador of 2015, which still has doubts about her own sexual orientation. “I am a bit mysterious about it, I am a flirt and know that I feel definitely attracted to women and men. So what my choice will be, and whether I should call myself a lesbian or heterosexual, I really don’t care about. Love comes as it comes and I am what I am. ”

Ambassadors 2014

Winner Beauty & The Beat 2013

“Homosexuality is a taboo in my culture. But I decided that others should accept me for who I am. When I still hear comments that I will burn in hell, it touches me. This is my theme, listen to me, listen to your heart, which is always right and the journey to your happiness. I know how it feel when your family let’s you down, because I had a tough coming out.  I want to ask people to listen to their loved ones, because without the support of our loved ones is the lack of understanding towards homosexuality for us even more difficult. Your sexual orientation is after all only a small part of who you are”.

Winner Pink Lieverdje 2014

“Amsterdam Gay Pride is still needed. It is a celebration of freedom. How can you be against that? The gay rights movement is never done and visibility is essential in order to be accepted. Drag Queens and transvestites by their striking appearance often the target of discrimination and violence. I want to be free in being who and what I am. I don’t want to be judged, because I am more than a guy in a dress. My aim is that I will commit myself to obtain a safer environment for Drag Queens and transvestites, but also for a more pleasant world. ”

Organizer Amsterdam Gay Pride 1996 – 2005

Siep was the organizer of the first Amsterdam Canal Parade in 1996. The images went through CNN right around the world. In March of this year he received from the Mayor of Amsterdam, the Andreas Medal. He received this for his services to the appearance of the city of Amsterdam in general and for his contribution to the gay rights movement in particular. In 2014 a cooperation between the Andreas Culture Fund and the Amsterdam Gay Pride foundation was started to boost the cultural program and providing support of young gay artists and creative projects.