Pride Amsterdam 2017 will be organized from July 29th till August 6th. To serve the media as well as possible – in addition to the online information – there is a press center during the festival. Here you can submit your press accreditation and / or retrieval. Information on location and times will follow.

Message AGP

Everyone has the right to be themselves and to love whom he / she wants. To continue to draw attention to human rights in general and tolerance, acceptance and equality of LGBT in particular, around the world, is held annually the Amsterdam Gay Pride. The foundation Amsterdam Gay Pride facilitates and organizes together with its partners, a fifteen festival, which offers a variety of events in the field of debate, art, theater, film, (dance) parties and sports. The highlight is the famous Boat Parade where content and entertainment come together to an exciting spectacle. The festival aims to make visible diversity, to make people proud of who they are and to show solidarity with groups in countries where this is still an issue.

Press releases

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Press accreditations

The Amsterdam Gay Pride facilitates and organizes together with its partners a fifteen-day festival, which offers a variety of events. The media are welcome at our festival. There are a few specific moments that the media needs a press accreditation. These accreditations are especially important to gain access to the press center, access participation boat parade and attend Human Rights Concert at the Dam and the closing ceremony Amsterdam Gay Pride at the Rembrandtplein. More:

  1. Press Center – accreditation to get access. We have one press centers, more information will follow soon.

Canal Parade August 5th

This year we have two types of accreditations for the Canal Parade of the Amsterdam Gay Pride (EuroPride).

  1. Photographers who work for for their own websites/ social media, can obtain accreditation for a press section at the Prinsengracht. In exchange for access to these press section, the Amsterdam Gay Pride Foundation (AGP) receives 10 photos of your choice. Duty-free (with attribution) may be used for promotional purposes by AGP. If you do not want access to the press section, no problem. Photographers can do their work anywhere in the city, along the route, between the public.
  2. For production costs (€ 750.00), we arrange a press boat for camerateams (inter) national broadcasters and tv-stations.

Do you want to qualify for accreditation please fill out our online form. Link:


Have questions about the press accreditations, other press inquiries and / or opportunities?

You can contact:
Danny de Vries
Senior Communications consultant
Phone: +31 (0) 20 205 11 80
(Only for press and media, for regular questions and information contact