A’DAM stands for Amsterdam and Music. A’DAM is Amsterdam’s music tower. Because this year’s theme of the canal parade of Pride Amsterdam is ‘Heroes’, we chose the musical heroes of the seventies en eighties: Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Cher, Elton John, Grace Jones, Blondie, Donna Summer and Madonna. We bring an ode to the place where they all came together, and where they could be themselves: Studio 54.

Is was hard to get in Studio 54, but owner Steve Rubell gave gays and transvestites the ultimate A-status: “Studio 54 is bi-sexual”. Everybody who balanced on the edge of  civil society and political correctness was more than welcome. We want celebrate this free spirit during the canal parade.

The dresscode and decoration of the boat is based on one of the heroes from Studio54: Madonna. Her video of ‘Erotica’ is our inspiration.

Photo A’DAM Toren 2017