It’s never nice to be the carrier of bad news, but sometimes you have to. Sometimes even heroes need help. The heroes from Amnesty International are having a hard time. In 1998, the international community gathered at the UN, and appointed the Defenders of Declaration for Human Rights. Governments promised to support and facilitate them in their work. Now, 20 years later, the spirit and words of this declaration are openly defied. More than 25 countries actively undermine LGBTI-organisations. Of these, 22 countries have laws against “promoting” homosexuality. The world doesn’t seems to get better. The rainbow is in danger. Repressive lawmaking, violence and criminalisation make tighten the space for action from these heroes. When seeing Amnesty’s boat, hopefully people will think about the situation LGBTI-activists are in, and want to take action.

Photo Amnesty International 2016