The theme Heroes fits Dolly like a glove. As a figurehead and icon, she has been doing her bit for the last 28 years in a unique way to the LGBTI-community in Amsterdam and far beyond. As a high-heeled heroine, Dolly Bellefleur continues to raise awareness in her very own way, for human rights in general, and the acceptance of LGBTIs in particular, anywhere in the world. For her unbridled commitment to the emancipation struggle of LGBTI’s, Dolly Bellefleur was elected to Roze Lieverdje in 2012 and in 2014 she received the Andreas Medal from the city of Amsterdam. What makes the contribution of Dolly Bellefleur to the boat parade so unique each time; she writes a special song for each edition and then plays the entire boat parade LIVE. With which the passionate message is always: ladies & ladies, men & gentlemen, ladies & gentlemen. Let love rule!

Photo Dolly Bellefleur 2017 – Winner price ‘best imagination’