The police are everyone. And for everyone. Everywhere and always. In order to be able to properly execute the core tasks of the police, it is important that the police are well connected to society and know what is going on. It is their aim to reach all groups in society. So also the LGBTI community. This gives the police a lot: you can easily find each other when something is going on and the threshold is lower for the other party to come to us when needed. But also from the necessity to do their job well; many things are solved based on tips. That is why they are joining the Pride for the eleventh time this year. They also demonstrate that the police is a diverse organization, with its own LGBT + network: Pink in Blue. With their boat they mainly ask attention for the importance of reporting LGBTI-related discrimination incidents. No one should be discriminated against on basis of who or what you are. The police show that in their words and actions. It is important that discrimination, also LGBTI related, is reported. Because without reporting, they can’t do anything about it.

Photo Roze in Blauw 2017