PVH Europe
We are PVH, one of the largest global apparel companies. We own the iconic Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger brands. PVH is supporting Pride events around the world, including Tokyo, Okinawa, Hong Kong, Toronto, Montreal and Amsterdam in honor of LGBTQ rights.

In Amsterdam we join the parade with a custom designed boat that is built on the concept of a crystal and H2O. It includes lots of special water effects as we see this as a fitting metaphor for our heroes because of the following three values; 1) Water is Fluidity, and not restricted to constructs. Our heroes come in all shapes and forms. 2) Water is a resilience element, just like our heroes. 3) Transparency can produce a whole spectrum of colors when light hits it. Just like the diversity of our company. We are ‘ DESIGNED WITH PRIDE’.


Foto logo PVH