ROZE 75+

Roze75 + works together with care institutions Amsta, Amstelring and Evean and thus represents the ‘oldest elderly’ target group. LGBTI people came out of the closet at a time when homosexuality was a big taboo, when the police attacked the Shakespeare club and the first transgendered to undergo surgery to become who they were. LGBTI people were rejected in the 1950s in applications based on their sexual orientation. That was then, we have since come a long way to emancipation and equal rights. The oldest generation is slowly but surely dying out and young people are the future. Ageism is the order of the day in the community, but do our elderly still count in the world? The pink elderly boat is a tribute to the Heroes of the first hour. Thanks to them, we live in a free world where we can be who we are.

Photo Roze 75+ 2017