The suicide rate among LGBTI youth is 4.5 times higher than among non-LGBTI young people. Spirit is hard at work to improve the identification and assistance to LGBTI youth. Up until now, there was no youth aid organization focused on this target group, while research shows that professionals in youth care have an important supporting role in making LGBTI youth resilient. The youth sector currently recognizes LGBTI young people inadequately, which is why they don’t get the help they need. Spirit wants to take responsibility and work with project Qleur on suicide prevention in this target group. Spirit is also the first youth care organization who won the ‘Roze Loper’. With their boat they want to empower their employees, youth, parents, foster children and foster parents. Support shouldn’t come only from the organisation, instead of: everybody can be an hero! Become a foster paraent or buddy, o start with a social education and come work for us!

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