“Creativity takes courage”, French artist Henri Matisse once said. The Art & Culture Pride is there to stimulate creativity, inclusion and participation in the cultural field of Amsterdam. That’s why we organize a multi-colored art and culture program every year.

Celebrating freedom and diversity during Pride Amsterdam  is possible in many ways, certainly also in the arts. The program brings diversity to the festival and creates a platform for the LGBT community in the cultural sector. A full program with beautiful cultural events that you want to experience.

We do this together with a large number of cultural institutions, locations and artists spread throughout the city.

We are Annemarie den Dekker (Amsterdam Museum), Suzanne Fusano (trainee), Siep de Haan (Andreas Cultuur Fonds), Marc Pil (including Jakop Ahlbom Company), Björn Stenvers (including ICOM), Sebas van der Sangen (Municipality of Amsterdam), Martijn van Schieveen (The New Church & Hermitage Amsterdam), Gijs Schunselaar (Museum Van Loon), Emma Waslander (Museum Night Amsterdam) and Ilias Zian (OBA).