(Text in collaboration with Suzanne Fusano)


Being yourself in sport is paramount

Mirjam Preusterink has set a new record and taken her sporting talent to another level as chairperson of the Sport & Pride committee. The committee do not fight for gold, but for equality. Mirjam is backed by a team full of sporting committee members from  a wide range of different sports backgrounds. As a committee they emphasize how important it is that all LGBTIQ + people are accepted in every sporting situation, even though this is not always the case, and,  that LGBT-people are more visible as LGBT-sports clubs in the regular sportsings world.

Sport is the same as any other form of self-expression: the sport you do says something about who you are, how you are and what you like. So whether you are an Olympic athlete, football player, fanatic winger or recreational athlete, you must be able to exercise anywhere you like in a safe environment. This is central to our committee.

We move from the past to create a better future

The Pride & Sport committee challenges sports clubs, sports associations and athletes to create a safe haven where everyone, really everyone, is welcome to enjoy sport together.

By connecting people as well as sports associations, we increase visibility, acceptance and togetherness for LGBT people in sport.

During Pride 2019 our committee will be on the green fields of Vondelpark during the Pride Park event with a fit, vital and unique program. We would like to join everyone there to remember together and create the sporting future!