Pride Amsterdam

Miss Windy Mills

“I reflect on what I have, not on what I don’t.”


(Photo Wouter van Gens & Alessandro Pisano)

‘Reflect’ is a marvellous theme for this year’s Amsterdam Gay Pride. When I was younger I was bullied for who I was. Now I am loved for who I’ve always been. When I came out of the closet my family was happy for me and said: ‘Sweety. We new since you were four years old’. When I want to walk hand in hand with a lover, I can! No law says I can’t. When I want tot marry a gay man, I can! I could even marry a gay women if I wanted to! When I want to celebrate my happiness, my city celebrates with me instead of arresting and beating me… When I want to protest, Amsterdam makes a statement with me. When I reflect on myself, I realise that I’m very lucky and a happy person! I reflect on what I have, not on what I don’t.

Pride Ambassador since 2013