Pride Amsterdam

Tara McDonald

“Embrace your differences”

(Photo Management Tara)

For the EuroPride Anthem we have the privilege to work with UK artist Tara McDonald. The extravagant Queen of Dace will be performing at several outdoor stages during our EuroPride festival.

Please tell us something about Tara

I’m a singer/songwriter signed with Mercury/Universal, music is my first love. I’m also a music manager – my company is called Give Me More Music – I’ve just signed my first 2 artists with Warner and Universal. I’m an animal lover obsessed with white miniature Schnauzer Annie. I’m a vegetarian and recently developed a big love of vegan cooking. I’ve been called the Queen of Dace. Where is my crown?

What does ‘equal rights’ mean to you?

Equal rights for me is such an important issue, I believe anything less than equality is an insult! It’s unjust to give a selected few preferential treatment, we are all human after all! Everybody deserves to be treated fairly, equally and not or religion. This is an issue I will spend my life campaigning for, until the laws are changed to protect and implement this and for all the countries around the world to unite and have the same global vision for equality.

What is the message of our song ‘I Need A Miricle’?

Last year I performed at the Bataclan to raise money for the PRIDE event in Paris, 2 months prior to the terrorist attack at the same venue. I was in the very same dressing rooms where you saw people hanging from the windows! It was a very strange feeling and I felt that I wanted to release a song about hope for the future, the world needs a miracle! I had grown up listening, dancing and loving the Fragma version of ”I Need A Miracle” the lyrics about accepting nothing less than a deeper love really stuck a chord and resonated with me. So I chose to cover the song as my next single. The message is about unity healing, respect and equality. If everybody treated everyone in the world with a deep sense of love and understanding, then there’s no room for hate. It’s a simple message, but this is the future I’m hoping for!

What is your best Pride moment ever?

There have been so many special PRIDE moments over the years and each event is magical in its own way. A stand out and proud moment for me was in 2014 when I was chosen as the “marraine” ambassador of Paris PRIDE, a role I was honoured to accept. I took my duties very seriously as I presented my speech to the media to help, change and enforce legal rights in Fance, to start the march through Paris attended press conferences and of course my performance on the main-stage at the Place de la République performing in front of 500,000 people. It was a crazy, beautiful nerve wracking and emotional day, to stand up for a cause I believe in and give it my all. PRIDE is so much bigger than one person. Onstage at the end of the event, I cried in the arms of the PRIDE organisers, we had become a family. I’m so proud that my new single ‘I Need a miracle’ has been chosen as the official anthem for this year’s EuroPride. What an honour!

Pride Ambassador since 2016