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Open Call Arts & Culture Pride 2024

Registration open for projects and activities!

The registration for Arts & Culture Pride 2024, during Pride Amsterdam from July 27th to August 4th, is now open. It’s the art and culture program featuring dozens of cultural activities such as (theater) performances, exhibitions, films, talks, and much more. For and by the community and for the many visitors from home and abroad. In 2024, Pride Amsterdam is all about connection with the theme #TOGETHER. In a polarizing society, the LGBTQIA+ community often unintentionally finds itself opposed to each other, rather than alongside. Especially in a time when rainbow identities are increasingly under pressure internationally and people are losing freedoms, it is important that everyone finds each other again. Art and culture play an important role in this!

Register cultural activities

As a creator, you can register your activity or project via the web form for the online events agenda of Pride Amsterdam. You can do this until July 1st. To be included in the flyer, the registration must be received by May 26, 2024, at the latest.

Are you looking for facilities or a location? Please notify us by May 1st at [email protected] with a description of your project. This way, we can see if we can match a location. This year too, there are opportunities to apply for facilities and budget for cultural initiatives. One of these is the Empowerment Fund with a deadline on March 1st.

Register as a location

Museums, galleries, (film) theaters, stages, and other cultural venues can register their Pride-related activities via the web form for the online event agenda of Pride Amsterdam. You can do this until July 1st. To be included in the flyer, the registration must be received by May 26, 2024, at the latest. If you have a location available for creators looking for a venue for their project, please let us know. We will then see if we can match you with a creator.


During Pride Amsterdam, all art and culture activities are promoted through the channels of Pride Amsterdam such as, and various social media platforms. There will also be a special page on the website of Amsterdam, and we will distribute a flyer throughout the city.

Thank you in advance for your registration and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

See you at Pride Amsterdam!

The Arts & Culture Programmers

Arts & Culture Pride is curated by Marley Braaf (dance teacher), Siep de Haan (Andreas Cultuur Fonds), Stella Küçüksen (De Nieuwe Kerk & H’ART Museum), Kelsey Lampe (Freelance Programmer), Cyanne Moe-Tjon (Theaters Diligentia and Pepijn), Martijn van Schieveen (European Cultural Foundation), and Ilias Zian (Van Gogh Museum). Pride Amsterdam Foundation aims to create an inspiring cultural program during Pride Amsterdam. That is why Arts & Culture Pride exists, where representatives from various disciplines such as theater, dance, visual arts, fundraising, and heritage are responsible for the cultural programming. The goal is to offer as broad and diverse a range as possible of art and culture linked to LGBTQIA+ topics.

Arts & Culture Pride is organized by Pride Amsterdam Foundation and is supported by: