Pride Amsterdam

Arts and Culture

Every year, the Arts & Culture commission provides a full and diverse art and culture program during Pride Amsterdam. Cultural institutions, locations and artists throughout Amsterdam participate in the Pride. Theatre, Dance, Film, Music, Visual arts, literature: it is all on the agenda. This year we will again be making Queer Culture: Pride TV talk shows with inspiring guests, and performances. We will make a selection from this year’s entries.

With the Arts & Culture Pride programme, we want to provide space for new stories from the LGBTIQ+ community. Every year we strive to present a diverse and inclusive agenda. With established names, but also the up and coming makers. We want to show the power of the arts to offer new perspectives and thus contribute to the acceptance of the entire LGBTIQ+ community. In this way, we contribute to Pride for everyone, a Pride where everyone is seen and can be there. a Pride to be proud of. TAKE PRIDE in us!

We are Marley Braaf (ICK, Academie voor theater en dans), Annemarie den Dekker (Muiderslot), Siep de Haan (Andreas Cultuur Fonds), Sebas van der Sangen (Gemeente Amsterdam), Martijn van Schieveen (De Nieuwe Kerk & Hermitage Amsterdam), Cyanne Moe-Tjon (Comedytrain) and Ilias Zian (OBA).