Pride Amsterdam

Bi Plus Pride

Bi+ Pride has been the newest addition to Pride Amsterdam since 2020. The committee is for those who like more than one gender and are Bi+: For those who call themselves bi, queer, pan, fluid or flex and for those who don’t want to name themselves. It doesn’t matter to us how they name themselves (or don’t name themselves), we strive for a future that goes beyond the binary oppositions M/V, straight/gay. 

Bi+ people are inextricably linked to Pride; there are more than 1 million Bi+ people in The Netherlands and we want to make this diverse group of people visible. On television, during the Canal Parade, with serious conversations and with debate. We also want to offer them a place for good drinks and parties. Whether they want to come out (or not), all to celebrate their Bi+ness during Pride. 

Committee members:
Ronald Mol (chairman)
Maarten Venhovens