Pride Amsterdam

Fetish Pride

Fetish is part of Pride.

Pride protest marches are held in honor of the people who stand up against violence and oppression against LGBTI people in America. The most famous demonstration is the riot at Stonewall Inn, New York, in 1969. During these riots, several marginalized LGBTI groups stood up for themselves. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals drags, transgenders and fetishists side by side for acceptance.

Recently, we have been hearing more and more calls from America and Europe to keep a Pride reinforcement ‘tidy’, and thereby banish people in fetish outfits. A more ‘discreet’ image of the LGBTI community would promote acceptance and integration. With this way of thinking, the current LGBTI+ people are not aimed at hiding their identity.

In Amsterdam we think it is important that you can be who you are and show who you want to be. And we are ready for that. And that is why Fetish also has an important place in Pride Amsterdam.

Karin Bleie (Ms Leather Netherlands 2020 and Ms Fetish Eagle Amsterdam 2021) is chair of the Fetish Pride Committee. In collaboration with the Amsterdam fetish community, she strives for the visibility of fetish on Pride.