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Senior Pride News: Senior Pride nieuwsbrief 2023

Being yourself when you’re old(er)!  

You never come out of the closet once. You do this all your life. In every new situation and with every new person you meet. And what if you had the cupboard doors wide open all your life? You do not want to close these doors again by moving to a care center or senior complex? Once you’ve discovered yourself, you never want to lose yourself again!

National research indicates that pink seniors – also in the city – are a vulnerable group. Anton, a member of Senior Pride, is committed to ensuring that pink seniors can be themselves everywhere. De Rietvinck is located in the city center, next to the bustle of Haarlemmerplein. A care center where the doors are explicitly open for pink elderly and everyone who loves to be surrounded by pink! Anton – together with other care centers, is committed to a 2020 Amsterdam G(r)ey Pride program.

We make pink elderly visible and thus discuss sexual diversity

The purpose of the committee is to ensure that both elderly and vulnerable pink seniors feel seen, acknowledged and appreciated. And they use Pride for that. Because even though you don’t see many pink elderly people, they are certainly there and they are many! Orientation knows no age.

The Senior Pride committee organizes a varied program for seniors and supporters. The Senior Pride Concert, The Pink Brunch and pink activities in many care centers. Come and watch, listen and enjoy.

We would like to meet you this year to remember and create the future together!