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StudentPride presents: DiCHTGETikt

Are you ready for the party of Pride? On August 3, we’re throwing a queer party in Levenslang, the old boiler room of the former Bijlmer prison. Everyone is welcome! Dichtgetikt in Levenslang will make your Amsterdam Pride experience unforgettable, exclusively for students who fancy a night full of good vibes and energy! Get your tickets for 10 euros p.p. here!

About the venue: 

Levenslang is a new place to discover music, art and cuisines. It is a venue in the old boiler room of the Bijlmerbajes. A new era gives new energy to the space: intimate, raw, openness and imperfect perfection with international allure. Enough words; see you soon, till forever!

About StudentPride:

StudentPride is an official committee of Pride Amsterdam. We want to be a connecting factor for (queer) students in Amsterdam. #youareincluded

Latest info: 

For more information keep an eye on our socials, via Instagram Here you can find all the latest updates! 


– Levenslang stands for open minds & bodies.The space belongs to everyone, for everyone.

– When entering the club you agree to contribute to a free, safe evening. There is no room for discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia in any form. 

– Your camera will be there tomorrow, please leave it in your pocket. We live in the moment and let everyone enjoy the moment.

– The energies shape the night, including your energy.

– Always listen to the doorhost & team, don’t hesitate to go to the team if you feel unsafe. Above all, don’t forget to enjoy and be kind to each other!

In the year 2020, Student Pride started as a cooperation between Youth Pride and A.S.V. Gay (THE LGBTQ+ student association of Amsterdam), with the purpose of organising a big party during the Pride in Amsterdam for LGBTQ+ students. Unfortunately, COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works and the party could not go ahead. However, this cooperation did lead to something else, namely a Pride Amsterdam committee for students. This committee has grown by joining several pink networks of the higher education institutes in Amsterdam, namely VU Pride, HvA Pride, InHolland Pride and UvA Pride. 

The goal of this committee is to offer students a safe place, a place where they can not only party, drink and gain knowledge, but also where they can be themselves. Student Pride tries to organise activities that are fun or educational, or even both at the same time. For LGBT+ students, it can sometimes be difficult to find like-minded people while studying. All our member organisations give LHBTIQ+ students the opportunity to get in touch with each other. Student Pride is there to connect these organisations and give students a full place during Pride Amsterdam. 

Because of COVID-19 Student Pride has not been able to organize any major activities yet, but fortunately there are alternative activities broadcasted on PrideTV from Pride Amsterdam. For example, Student Pride started in the year 2020 with a Student Pride Pubquiz, where people could participate from home in a pubquiz that was broadcasted on PrideTV. In the year 2021 guest lectures were given by  A.S.V.GayHvA PrideVU Pride and UvA Pride under the name “Pride University”. Student Pride aims to organize physical activities in the future: for and by students! In 2022 Student Pride will give lectures, walk with the Pride Walk, organize festivities in the Pride Park and of course have a big party during the Pride week! 

If you would like to party, learn and enjoy, follow our social media channels for the latest updates! 

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