Pride Amsterdam

Trans Pride

(Text in collaboration with Suzanne Fusano)

We are the bricks of Stonewall

Fifty years ago trans people took the lead against oppression and for liberation. The Trans Pride committee wants to spread that message further. With Brand as chairman of the committee they promote cohesion, not only within the trans community, but also outside of it.

Sean-Claude, one of the committee members, shares his vision, ambition and story. He fled Jamaica and has a voice here for all transgender people to create a safe haven together. However personal his story may be, he speaks for a large, sometimes almost invisible community.

We remember the heroes of Christopher Street and we want to create a world of freedom and inclusion they’d feel proud of.

The Pride theme of 2019, Remember the past, create the future, with reference to the Stonewall riots in New York in 1969, fits our mission. Marsha P. Johnson, veteran of the Stonewall riots and the embodiment of what we remember, what we create and what we stand for, was someone who had the courage to speak for her community. And we continue this courage.

Transgenders are gender diverse people: men, women and everything in between and beyond. And whatever you think of us, we are never, ever converted. We are not a “the”, “that”, or “something” and no, we are not
“well-done”. We are AMAZING and we always have been.  As Marsha said,
“I may be crazy, but that don’t make me wrong.”

With our committee we seek connections between different trans groups to learn from each other, to be there for each other and especially to be with each other.

We would like to meet you this year to remember and create the future together!