Pride Amsterdam

Youth Pride

(Photo Jeroen Ploeger) (Text in collaboration with Suzanne Fusano)

When I grow up, I want to be able to be myself

Three years ago, a new LGBT- seed was planted in the fertile ground of our Mokum (Amsterdam). Marco Altena became the proud chairman of Youth Pride. As a real dad, he organizes a unique and special program in cooperation with more than 17 different youth organizations for everyone who feels young or wants to feel young again.

The youth are the Pride carriers of the future; We will continue the party when older people can not do that anymore. Secretly, this makes our committee the most important one there is!

The past is important, but WE are the future

The goal of our committee is to give young people a platform where they can be themselves, in every conceivable way. Being, doing and making together, regardless of origin, orientation, gender, age, skin color or religion, is central to us. Promoting solidarity in the broadest sense of the word is what we go for and everyone can participate!

Pride Park is the valhalla for our committee. On the beautiful fields of uncle Vondel we organize our spectacular cupcake and button workshops, the silent disco and the youth drag queen and king race.

Dear youth, we would like to meet you this year to remember and create the future together!