Pride Amsterdam

Pink Amsterdammertje 2015

Het Roze Amsterdammertje 2015

Het Roze Amsterdammetje (The Pink Amsterdam Award) is awarded by the Amsterdam Gay Pride foundation and is being presented to people who play an important role behind the scenes or to those who have put extraordinary amount of effort in the organization of Pride. The pink heart with the stipe and the three crosses of Amsterdam is symbolizing the warm and pink heart that the receiver has for Pride.

Het Roze Amsterdammertje is designed and made by artist René Rikkelman and is being presented to someone who has put their heart and soul into Amsterdam Gay Pride.

Het Roze Amsterdammertje was a collaboration between the Rainbow Awards and Amsterdam Gay Pride in 2015 when they joined forces to present the awards at a red-carpet gala at the Tuschinski theater on Monday June 29th.

Het Roze Amsterdammertje 2015 was given to Jan-Willem De Bruin from COC Nederland. He received the award because of his passionate effort. De Bruin has been working for COC Nederland since 2003 and was involved as a volunteer at the youth organization Expreszo. He is one of those people that always makes sure everything is sorted, but never shines the light on himself.