Pride Amsterdam

Pride Vignettes Canal Parade

The sale of the Pride Vignettes starts on July 1, 2024.


It’s wonderful that you want to watch our parade from your own boat. As you may have heard, you need to have a Pride Vignette to do so, which you can purchase through us. Since these are personalized tickets, only one ticket can be purchased per person. At the bottom of this page, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Step 1 – View the map and decide where you want to position your boat. By clicking on the button for the relevant zone, you will open the corresponding webshop of our ticketing partner, Eventix.

Step 2 – In the webshop, click on tickets and select the area where you want to be and the size of your boat. PLEASE NOTE: You may only purchase one ticket per person! If you order more, the entire order will be canceled and not refunded. If you have received a code from us, enter it first under ‘use a promo code’.

Step 3 – Click on order, fill in all the required information, and note: You will be assigned a time slot for entering the canal on Saturday, August 3. Before you can pay, you must read and accept the house rules with the dos and don’ts.

Step 4 – Pay with iDeal, Credit Card, Bancontact, Sofort, or PayPal, complete the purchase, and you will immediately receive a confirmation of your purchase by email. We use sealed tickets, which means you can only download your ticket the evening before the parade.

Step 5 – On Saturday, August 3, it’s your time to shine. Arrive at the entrance of your designated zone during the specified time slot (details and zone sticker will be mailed to you in mid/late July). Please have your identification ready for verification. Your e-ticket will be scanned, and you’ll receive a Pride Vignette to affix to your boat’s zone sticker for clear visibility. Ensure the zone sticker is prominently displayed at the front of your boat. Once inside, proceed to the designated area on your ticket where our team will assign your space.

Step 6 – The wait for the first parade boat has begun. Enjoy each other’s company, have fun, chat, laugh, entertain – anything goes, but amplified sound and use of music installations are strictly prohibited. Refrain from serving alcohol to your passengers for now; the day is still young!

Step 7 – Here come the flyboarders, the spectacle is about to begin. Crack open the bottle and dance to the beats. Cheer for the boats, wave and send air kisses, but do not throw anything at the boats or spray water. Hopefully, the weather will be beautiful and warm, but do not jump into the water or go swimming.

Step 8 – That was already the last boat; quickly untie the ropes because we need to follow the last parade boat until the first side canal and then depart. Please do not leave any rubbish on the quay; take it home with you or dispose of it in the rubbish container boat at the exit later.

PLEASE NOTE: General terms and conditions and house rules apply, which you must agree to during the purchasing process.


Route & Zones

The sale of Pride Vignettes starts on July 1, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canal Parade & Route

What is the route of the Canal Parade and what time does it start?
The Canal Parade will begin at 12:00 PM at Oosterdok. From there, the parade will proceed along Nieuwe Herengracht, Amstel, Prinsengracht, and finally Westerdok. The end time of the Canal Parade varies by zone: the last boat passes Zone A around 4:00 PM, and Zone E clears around 6:00 PM.

Who is participating in this year’s Boat Parade?
For that information, please visit this page!


Why Pride Vignettes?
For that, please watch this video.

Do I need a mooring permit from the municipality of Amsterdam in addition to a Pride Vignette?
No, that is not necessary. However, you do need permission to navigate the inland waters of Amsterdam, which requires you to display at least a white activated transit permit from the municipality. If your boat already has a red, green, or yellow mooring permit from the municipality of Amsterdam, that suffices. With a white transit permit, you are granted a one-time right to moor for 24 hours in the city, which must be arranged in advance. Since mooring during the boat parade occurs in our event area and the Pride Vignette already grants mooring rights, you can save this 24-hour permit for another occasion. For more information about these permits, please click here.

I have a Pride Vignette and want to sail my boat to the location on Friday, is that possible?
No, you can only enter the event area (boat parade route) on Saturday, August 3, during the specified time slot (details will be sent by email in mid/late July). Regulating the vessels along the route aims to minimize disruption to residents. In the past, disturbances began the day before the event when people moored their boats early.

Am I allowed to charge money for spots on my boat?
Creating a financial pool with your friends is always allowed. In short, the rule of thumb is that dividing all costs by everyone on board gives you the maximum contribution you can ask for.

I have purchased a ticket, but I can’t download it anywhere.
That’s correct! Unfortunately, we have encountered fraudsters in the past, so starting from 2023, we only offer sealed tickets. You can download your ticket the evening before the parade. You will also find the correct entrance details there. You will receive an email from us regarding this. You will receive the actual vignette Saturday morning when you enter the event area at your designated entrance.

Where can I find the entrances to the different zones of the canal parade?
You can find the entrances on the sealed ticket, which you can download the evening before the parade.

I bought a Pride Vignette ticket, but unexpectedly cannot attend anymore. Can I get a refund or resell it?
No, unfortunately, purchased tickets cannot be returned or resold. The system requires the ticket purchaser to present identification at the entrance and be present on board themselves.

If I buy a Pride Vignette, where can I moor my boat?
When purchasing, you can choose a zone and specific area. On the day of the event, you will be directed to a specific spot within that area. Both the confirmation email and the ticket will indicate the zone and area you have selected. After purchase, you cannot change your zone or area selection.


Are there specific house rules within the event area?
Yes, before purchasing a ticket, you must also agree to the general terms and conditions and house rules.

Is it true that you’re not allowed to have a music system on board?
Yes, that’s correct. Unfortunately, fewer people adhered to the rule that allowed music until the first parade boat, as long as they stopped their own party afterwards. However, these parties on the sidelines were no longer aligned with the spirit of Pride and began to overshadow the parade itself, causing too much disturbance for participants and local residents

I want to continue partying in the city after the parade. Can I leave my boat along the route and pick it up later or the next day?
No, unfortunately, that’s not possible. This is why it’s also prohibited for the skipper to consume alcohol. The skipper is required to follow behind the last parade boat and exit the route via the nearest side canal. The route remains closed thereafter until Sunday morning at 08:00. Any boats left behind will be towed to the storage harbor in Nieuwe Houthaven. Towing costs €460, with an additional €25 per day for storage.


I want to rent a small boat (<6 meters). Can I moor it along the canal?
Make sure you rent a boat from an Amsterdam-based boat rental company that has purchased Pride Vignettes, and strictly adhere to the designated entrance and area where you are allowed to moor. Do not rent a boat if the rental company cannot provide you with a ticket. Boat rental companies with Pride Vignettes for boats <6 meters are: Adam’s Boats, Boaty, Canal Motor Boats, Ecoboats, Mokumboot, Sloepdelen.

I am a private individual with a boat larger than 12 meters, what should I do?
Spaces for boats larger than 12 meters are reserved for our Pride Business Club members.


I am a houseboat resident, do I also need to buy a Pride Vignette?
Yes, if you typically have your boat moored alongside your houseboat, you can leave it there under special conditions for a fee of only €15. You can apply for a special resident vignette until July 15, 2024, by sending a request to [email protected] with the subject ‘Request Houseboat Resident’.

Attach the zone sticker clearly visible on your boat so it can be seen from the water. This prevents towing services from removing your boat starting Wednesday, July 31. On Monday, July 29, 2024, we will provide you with the vignette. Place this vignette halfway over the zone sticker.

I live along the route and my boat has been moored in the Prinsengracht for years. Can I leave it there with a vignette?
No, unfortunately, that is not possible.