Pride Amsterdam


At Pride Amsterdam, we place a high importance on accessibility. With free events and activities, there are no financial barriers to participate, but that’s just the beginning. We strive to make everyone feel welcome by considering any limitations our visitors might have. Pride Amsterdam collaborates with organisations like Hidden Disabilities, Mensenkenners, and Roze Gebaar. Along the Canal Parade route, we have facilities to enhance accessibility, and Zonder Stempel often participates with their own boat.

In our agenda, you can filter activities based on the availability of a sign language interpreter, loud music, bright lights, and accessible toilets. On this page, you will find information about what we do and where to go for Pride Amsterdam 2024. We also know that there is always room for improvement, starting with ourselves. Therefore, we are always open to suggestions to make Pride Amsterdam even better, and we are eager to do this together. Happy Pride!

Pride Park

Saturday, July 27 – Vondelpark

Accessible toilet facilities are available in Vondelpark. The park has paved areas and various access points close to public transport. Around the central stage, there are facilities, and a sign language interpreter is present to make the speeches accessible. If you have a special request or need assistance, please let us know via [email protected]

Pride Hub

Monday, July 29 to Friday, August 2

The Social Hub organizes several special events for people with disabilities. Of course, the restroom facilities are accessible, and there is a Lowstim room available for relaxation from the lively, educational, and social program offered at the Pride Hub. Do you need support such as a sign language interpreter? Let us know, and we will check availability during your program segment.

If you plan to come to the Pride Hub, we invite you to register here: Click here!

Canal Parade

Saturday, August 3rd

Visit the world-famous Canal Parade at the specially designated and closed-off accessible section of the quay. This area is only accessible to you and a possible companion. Due to planning and capacity constraints, we kindly ask you to register in advance to receive a free entry ticket. Rest assured, we will ensure adequate restroom facilities and seating as close to the quay as possible so you won’t miss any part of this beautiful boat parade.

We warmly invite you to register here: Click here!


It can always get better, and sometimes that naturally doesn’t happen overnight. But it always starts with asking the question or sharing an idea. Let us know via [email protected] and then we will consider your suggestion.