Pride Is Protest – CANCELED

Demonstration Museumplein canceled, stage program moved inside!

Because of Corona, we made the difficult decision in April to cancel Pride Amsterdam 2020. However, a few months later the situation seemed to stabilize again and events were back allowed by the government. In line with that sentiment, we thought it was important to be visible as an LGBT community and to draw loud attention to the unsafe situation of LGBT people in public spaces. On June 30th, we’ve reported a demonstration for Saturday August 1st on Museumplein.

However, the reality has changed again and Amsterdam is one of the European hot spots when it comes to the spread of the Corona virus. Due to the increased tourist pressure in the city center, the city is forced to take various crowd management measures to contain further spread. In order not to get in her way and to attract more people to the city, we have decided not to let the event go and move the stage program inside.

The message to the people is STAY AT HOME, FOR THE TV. The entire program will be broadcasted live as planned, but from an indoor location without an audience. We have a beautiful program with many performances and speeches in store for our audience.

Saturday 1 August from 12:00 – 14:00 via Pride TV.

We want the government to do more against anti-LGBTI violence. We want a country where everyone can be openly themselves, whatever your sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or gender characteristics. It was hit almost every week lately. In Amsterdam East, a male couple was verbally abused and attacked several times when they walked hand in hand on the street. In both Rotterdam and Amsterdam, transgender women were attacked in the metro. In various places in the country, people were injured with a shard of glass, kicked off their bicycles and knocked unconscious.

COVID-19 measures
In order to demonstrate safely and responsibly, we have promised that everyone will wear a face mask and keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from each other. You use the dots on the ground on the Museumplein.

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