From July 28 to August 5 Amsterdam will be transformed into a rainbow of events during Pride 2018. Please read all the following information if you want to attend the festival as a media (partner), journalist and/or press.

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Stichting Amsterdam Gay Pride is a non-profit organization committed to emancipation, social, legal and social equality and acceptance of gay men, bisexuals and lesbians, and also for those who do not want to socially dominant gender roles or to conform (as masculine women, feminine men and queers) or assume a different physical gender identity throughout their lives (such as transgenders and transsexuals). To achieve visibility for diversity is necessary.

Stichting Amsterdam Gay Pride is license holder for the 2014-2019 Pride editions –

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Press accreditations

Pers accreditatie

Media zijn uiteraard van harte welkom bij ons festival. Wel hebben media een algemene pers accreditatie nodig als zij aanwezig willen zijn bij activiteiten en bijeenkomsten van Pride Amsterdam in het algemeen.

Het is belangrijk dat journalisten zich kunnen identificeren als journalist tijdens ons festival bijvoorbeeld tijdens Pride Walk, Pride Park, Pride at the Beach etc. Daarnaast is het hebben van een persaccreditatie belangrijk voor bijvoorbeeld toegang tot ons perscentrum en de bootparade. Op deze pagina vindt u meer informatie over de pers accreditatie en kan ons online formulier worden ingevuld:

Press accreditations

The Amsterdam Gay Pride facilitates and organizes together with its partners a nine—day festival, which offers a variety of events. The media are welcome at our festival. Media need a general press accreditation. There are also a few specific moments that the media needs a accreditation.

You need a general press accreditation if you want to be present at activities, meetings, parties, canal parade etc as a journalist. It is important that you can identify yourself as a journalist at these activities like Pride Walk, Pride Park, Pride at the Beach etc. The accreditation is for example also especially important to gain access to the press center of Pride Amsterdam and the canal parade.

Canal Parade August 4th

We have two types of accreditations during the Canal Parade.

1          Photographers who work for for their own websites/ social media, can obtain accreditation for a press section at the Prinsengracht. In exchange for access to these press section, the Amsterdam Gay Pride Foundation (AGP) receives 10 photos of your choice. Duty-free (with attribution) may be used for promotional purposes by AGP. If you do not want access to the press section, no problem. Photographers can do their work anywhere in the city, along the route, between the public, but you still need a general accreditation (see above).

2          For production costs (€ 750.00), we arrange a press boat for camera teams (inter) national broadcasters and tv-stations.

Online accreditionsform – mandatory

  • Wil je een pers accreditatie ontvangen? Dan kan je hier het online aanvraagformulier invullen.
  • Do you want to qualify for accreditation of Pride Amsterdam please fill out our online form.
  • Accreditatie-formulier / Accreditation-form:


Have questions about the press accreditations, other press inquiries and / or opportunities?

You can contact:
Danny de Vries
Senior Communications consultant
(Only for press and media, for regular questions and information contact