“I am what I am and i don’t give a damn.”

(Photo Marcus Koppen)

“Do go crazy, who cares ?!” She is one of the three ambassadors of Gay Pride this year and moreover she gives her powerhouse voice to the Gay Pride Anthem 2015: “I Am What I Am (and I don’t give a damn)”. The 20-year-old upcoming talent from The Hague competed in The Voice of Holland 2014, where she made it to the finals. She was asked what she thinks about becoming an ambassador of Amsterdam Gay Pride 2015: “A big fat super event with a beautiful message. I feel very proud and happy!”. Her stage name is a simple translation of her real name, Emmaly de Bruijn. The studio recordings of the Gay Pride Anthem are barely behind us as this interview takes place. Time to find out everything about this latest AGP ambassador of 2015, which still has doubts about her own sexual orientation. “I am a bit mysterious about it, I am a flirt and know that I feel definitely attracted to women and men. So what my choice will be, and whether I should call myself a lesbian or heterosexual, I really don’t care about. Love comes as it comes and I am what I am. ”

Pride Ambassador since 2015