There is a lot to keep in mind before planning your trip to Pride Amsterdam 2018. Of course in the case that you are a real ‘Amsterdammer’, great! However, in case that you are traveling from outside of Amsterdam or even from outside of The Netherlands you have to take care of a lot more. This page is there to give you information about those type of travel plans.

Accommodation in Amsterdam

There are many accommodations within the city of Amsterdam such as hotels, hostels, AirBnB’s, bed&breakfast and short-stay apartments. As what we have learned from the past prides is that these accommodations sell out soon. So be on time making your reservation.

Events in Amsterdam

We will publish almost all events that are being organized by individual restaurants, clubs, institutions, museums etc on this website. You can find these from April 1st in the official festival agenda here on

Getting around in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has an extensive public transportation network which is operated by the GVB. They operate the buses, trams and metro services within the city of Amsterdam. In Amsterdam and beyond, the public transport chip card is used for travel on trams, buses and metros. The most convenient option for visitors is a disposable one-hour or day card (valid for one to seven days). One-hour tickets can be bought from the conductor or driver on the tram or bus. Day tickets can be bought on the tram or purchased in advance. Tickets are valid across the whole network from the time of purchase, allowing you to take as many journeys as you choose within your chosen time-frame.

There is also the ‘I amsterdam City Card’: free entrance to the city’s top attraction, plus unlimited use of the GVB public transport system for 24, 48, 72 or 96 hours.

You can rent a bike at MacBike and get a 25% discount when booking with the ‘I amsterdam City Card’.

Besides the public transportation system, the city is also easy to discover by walking or cycling. There are of course also taxi companies who offer services such as TCA and Uber.

Coming to Amsterdam from within The Netherlands

Dutch Railways (NS)
The train is a relaxed and comfortable way to get from the airport to Amsterdam. Schiphol Airport train station is located directly underneath the airport. From here there are direct trains to Amsterdam Central Station.

Special train tickets for Pride Amsterdam you can buy only online with 20% discount.

Other options:

Plan your journey with the NS Travel Planner.

By car: As many other big cities it can be difficult to get around by car. There is limited parking available and parking can be expensive within the city center. The city of Amsterdam offers several Park & Ride parking places. These parking areas are just outside of city center where you can park for just €1 or €8 per 24 hours, with a maximum parking time of up to 96 hours. For more information click here.

Coming to Amsterdam from outside of The Netherlands

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the primary international airport in The Netherlands, is located about 20 kilometers from Amsterdam. The airport gets served by many general airlines who make the connection with the rest of the world. You can reach the city from Schiphol in just half an hour by train, taxi or bus:

By train: Schiphol train station is located directly underneath the airport. From here, inter cities and slower trains from the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) can take you to Amsterdam Central Station (city center). Train tickets are available at the ticket office in the airport’s main hall and from the yellow ticket machines. Order your tickets with discount by clicking here.

By taxi: The taxi rank is located at the airport’s exit. Depending on traffic, a taxi can take you to the city center in about half an hour. You can also take an Uber.

By bus: The Connexxion Amsterdam Round Trip Ticket costs €10 for a return journey. Departing from bus stop B9 every 15 minutes, the Amsterdam Airport Express (bus number 197) will take you directly to the city center in about 30 minutes. The Amsterdam Round Trip Ticket allows two trips on the Amsterdam Airport Express (the trips don’t have to be on the same day).

The train network in Europe is extensive as well. You can easily reach Amsterdam also by train traveling from France, Germany, Belgium or the UK. To look at these possibilities, please check out the NS International travel site by clicking here.

Keep our Pride clean!

We’re very proud of our city and of course, we’re trying to keep it as clean as possible during the festival! As you can understand hundred-thousands of people can create a real mess. Please help us to keep it as clean as possible. Always make sure you drop your garbage in one of the garbage bins and if you’re not close to one, please keep it with you in or in one of our garbage bags until you see one. Thank you!

In Amsterdam, we use the toilet!

As an (event) organization we’re always trying to set up as many toilet areas as possible. Sometimes you need to walk a bit further to find one and of course we understand this could be an issue if you really need to go. But please keep it on the toilet, don’t urinate on the streets, against doorways, cars or anything. It’s not respectful to the residents and owners. So keep it decent and find one of our toilet areas!

Besides that, you need to know it’s illegal by law in The Netherlands, if the police will see you, you’ll receive a fine of €140 euro.

Younger than 18?

Younger than 18? Don’t drink alcohol. By Dutch law, it’s determined you can’t drink until you’re at least 18 years old. Wanna know more about our Pride youth program? Check out Youth Pride.

Celebrate Safe

How nice parties are, it’s never completely without risk. So stay informed and know what these risks are, from blisters or hearing impairment to the risks of using alcohol and other drugs. More information about limiting these risks, drugs policy and the ability to test your drugs can be found by Click here