Canal Parade 2018

Participants who want to take part in the Canal Parade this year can register between  January 5th and February 5th 2018. The submitted drafts will be judged by a ballot committee and the registrations that best suit the theme will be given a place in the parade. On February 11th, the participants will be announced at the Sugar Factory.

New Participant Categories

Because in recent years there has been discussion about the orientation and social involvement of different participants, a new classification of the participant categories has been made this year. The new classification does more justice to everybody’s part in the struggle for emancipation of LGBTIs and the support for our Pride.

Pride Business Club

In addition, a ‘Pride Business Club’ has also been established. Companies can only participate in the canal parade if they are members. This way, we want to involve them more in the emancipation part of Pride and at the same time create a network of professionals that support us both financially as and in terms of content. A maximum of two contacts are registered per membership and will be invited for the meetings and activities. Membership costs € 1,500 excl. VAT per year and is contracted for a minimum of 3 years. Of this amount, 50% is intended for the continuity of the organization and 50% is spent on the organization of substantive activities.

Support Card by Rabobank

Also new this year is the Support Card, meant for parties that otherwise would not be able to participate. To this end, Rabobank offers its place in the canal parade to an association or foundation that works for a better environment for LGBTs and that would not be able to participate without an important financial partner. In addition to Rabobank being responsible for the registration costs, together with AGP it supports the support card participant with an amount of € 7500 and provides a coach who provides support in the run-up to the boat parade.


You can register here between January 5th and February 5th: CANAL PARADE 2018