Pride Amsterdam
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Canal Parade

#Outdoor Parties

The famous Canal Parade returns on Saturday, August 3rd 2024.



Oosterdok – Nieuwe Herengracht – Amstel – Prinsengracht – Westerdok


Interested parties wishing to participate in the Canal Parade 2024 were able to register between January 8th – February 1st 2024 and submit their concept. After the registration was closed, a ballot committee decided which 80 applications are the most beautiful and best fitted to the theme (TOGETHER). On February 11th, during our annual kickoff event, we announced the 80 participants for the Canal Parade, which will be held on August 3rd 2024.

Want to know who’s participating this year? See here our Canal Parade participants 2024.

Download: Participant Regulations 2024 (Only in Dutch available)


Because in recent years there has been a discussion about the orientation and social involvement of different participants, a new classification of the participant categories has been made. The new classification does more justice to everybody’s part in the struggle for the emancipation of LGBTIs and the support for our Pride.

Boats along the route

Due to the increasing number of visitors who want to join the Pride with their boat and the limited space available, all boats along the route need a Pride Vignette. If you want to take your boat to the Pride to spend time with family or friends, you can do so with a boat up to <10 meters. This ‘new’ regulation prevents parties who do not contribute to the organization from celebrating their own party at our event and thereby also causing the most inconvenience. The sale of the Pride vignettes will start on July 1st 2024 via

Pride Business Club

In 2018 we established a ‘Pride Business Club‘. Companies that are not directly associated with the LGBT community can only participate in the canal parade if they are members. This way, we want to involve them more in the emancipation part of Pride and at the same time create a network of professionals that support us both financially and in terms of content. A maximum of two contacts are registered per membership and will be invited to the meetings and activities. Membership costs € 2.000 excl. VAT per year. Of this amount, 50% is intended for the continuity of the organization and 50% is spent on the organization of substantive activities. See more info at

In Amsterdam, we use the toilet!

As an (event) organization we’re always trying to set up as many toilet areas as possible. Sometimes you need to walk a bit further to find one and of course we understand this could be an issue if you really need to go. But please keep it in the toilet, don’t urinate on the streets, against doorways, cars or anything. It’s not respectful to the residents and owners. So keep it decent and find one of our toilet areas! Besides that, you need to know it’s illegal by law in The Netherlands. If the police catches you, you’ll receive a fine of €140 euro

Accessible Toilets

Aftermovie Canal Parade