Pride Amsterdam

Queer & Pride Amsterdam

Since 2014, the Pride Amsterdam Foundation has been organizing the annual Pride in Amsterdam with great success. In addition, the program is also a mirror of today’s society and the programming changes and expands every year. To continue to meet the wishes and expectations of many (sometimes new) target groups, several parties have indicated to the Municipality of Amsterdam they want to participate in 2023. As a result, a division has been made which has created more room for an even greater focus. Queer Amsterdam provides the programming from 22 – 28 July 2023 and Stichting Pride Amsterdam from 1 to 6 August 2023. The overall program for the two weeks is called Queer & Pride Amsterdam.

Marcus Koppen Photography; Amsterdam; 2019; 27 July, Amsterdam pride, Bijschrijving Pride Amsterdam in Inventaris Immaterieel Erfgoed, @marcus_koppen; #marcuskoppen,

Staff members

  • Lucien Spee de Castillo Ruiz (Managing Director)
  • Anita Beek (Office Management & Events)
  • Marc Bartels (Canal Parade, Partnerships & Pride Business Club)
  • Lars Brunnhoff (Social Media & Project Manager Pride Vignettes)
  • BeyonG Veldkamp (Event Manager)
  • Peter van Vught (Program & Events)
  • Danny de Vries (Press & Communication),
  • Patrick Vleeshouwer (Security and Crowdmanagement)
  • Monique de Adelhart Toorop (Administration)

Committee Chairmen

  • Mirjam Preusterink (Sport Pride)
  • Martijn van Schieveen (Arts & Culture)
  • Marco Altena (Youth Pride, Student Pride, Junior Pride)
  • Paul Rijpstra (Senior Pride)
  • BeyonG Veldkamp (Trans Pride)
  • Wouter Neerings (Corporate Pride)
  • Cornald Maas (Canal Parade Jury)
  • Axe Leito & Karine Bleie (Fetish Pride)
  • Wielie Elhorst (Religion Pride)
  • Ronald Mol (Bi+ Pride)

See here more info about our Pride commissions!

Board members

Current board (since 05-2020)

  • Suzanne van de Laar (Chair)
  • Joyce Priem (Treasurer)
  • Geneviève Lieuw
  • Huib Wurfbain
  • Glenn Helberg
  • Souad Boumedien
  • Camiel Welling

Pride Ambassadors

Since 2013 Pride Amsterdam introduced, Pride Ambassadors. These ambassadors are role models for many in our community. Each with its own identity and responsive behaviour in a joint they stand for the versatility and colourfulness of our LGBTIQ + community. Every year the group is expanded with new faces, matching the theme of that year. Curious to know more about them? See here, Ambassadors.