Pride Amsterdam

Pride foundation

Stichting Pride Amsterdam is a non-profit organization committed to emancipation, social, legal and social equality and acceptance of gay men, bisexuals and lesbians, and also for those who do not want to socially dominant gender roles or to conform (as masculine women, feminine men and queers) or assume a different physical gender identity throughout their lives (such as transgenders and transsexuals). To achieve visibility for diversity is necessary. What you see can not be ignored. The primary objective of the foundation is therefor to organize activities and events in public space.

Stichting Pride Amsterdam (formerly Amsterdam Gay Pride) is the license holder for the 2014-2021 Pride editions.

Marcus Koppen Photography; Amsterdam; 2019; 27 July, Amsterdam pride, Bijschrijving Pride Amsterdam in Inventaris Immaterieel Erfgoed, @marcus_koppen; #marcuskoppen,

Staff members

  • Lucien Spee de Castillo Ruiz (Managing Director)
  • Anita Beek (Office Management & Events)
  • Marc Bartels (Canal Parade & Pride Business Club)
  • Peter van Vught (Socials & Events).
  • Danny de Vries (Press & Communication),
  • Patrick Vleeshouwer (Security and Crowdmanagement)
  • Monique de Adelhart Toorop (Administration)

Committee Chairmen

  • Jan Pieter de Lugt (St. Sports & Pride)
  • Martijn van Schieveen (Arts & Culture)
  • Marco Altena (Youth Pride)
  • Paul Rijpstra (Senior Pride)
  • Constance Steenkamp-Faaij (Women & Pride)
  • Daan Smeelen (Pride Walk)
  • Brand Berghouwer (Trans Pride)
  • Wouter Neerings (Corporate Pride)
  • Cornald Maas (Canal Parade Jury)
  • Raymond Timmer (Fetish Pride)
  • Wielie Elhorst (Religion Pride)

See here more info about our Pride commissions!

Board members

Current board (since 05-2020)

  • Frans van der Avert (Chairman)
  • Carlien Roodink (Treasurer)
  • Jonathan Oron
  • Genevi√®ve Lieuw
  • Huib Wurfbain
  • Dinah Bons
  • Glenn Helberg

Former board:

  • Frits Huffnagel (Chairman)
  • Robin Labrijn (Treasurer)
  • Marie Ricardo (Secretary)
  • Josee Rothuizen
  • Jan-Hein van Dijk