Pride Amsterdam


The theme of Pride Amsterdam 2022 is still to be announced. The theme of Pride Amsterdam 2021 was “TAKE PRIDE in us”. Unfortunately, it is still not common to be different and is it still necessary to work towards an inclusive Dutch society. ‘’I am thinking of a society in which your gender/sex/gender-orientation shouldn’t matter and is simply a given”, says director Lucien Spee of Pride Amsterdam. “That is why everyone who is different from the hetero norm should feel invited to be noticed and to be visible during Pride Amsterdam. Together we would like to convince all the heterosexuals of the Netherlands to be proud of us.”



Mutual understanding

The theme “TAKE PRIDE in us” is also aimed towards all the different groups within the LGBT+ community. Our community includes everyone who does not meet the ‘hetero standard’ but is mostly dominated by white gay men. They are often described by others within the community as the “privileged group” because in their eyes and compared to their problems, the white gay man would have it easy. With the theme we call for more mutual understanding, to be aware of the struggles of the other and to support those who have fallen behind on the way to equality and inclusiveness. Let us embrace and be proud of each other so that we can walk the path to full acceptance in unity and good harmony.

Canal Parade

The highlight of Pride Amsterdam is the Canal Parade. A colourful spectacle of 80 boats, all with their own messages, which comply with our own Pride Amsterdam message: Be who you are, Love who you want!