Pride Amsterdam



Anyone from the community who wants to organise activities during Pride Amsterdam can apply for support until March 1st 2024. Just like last year, facilities and budget are available to support new and existing initiatives. A condition is that an initiative contributes to the emancipation, visibility and/or empowerment of the Pride community. In addition, the visibility fund is also open to participants in the Canal Parade on Saturday 3 August 2024. With these two funds, the strongest shoulders carry the heaviest burden and new and existing initiatives from across the Pride community can count on support.


Empowerment Fund

Pride Amsterdam will take place from July 27th to August 4th 2024. Several rooms in the Pride Hub will be available (free of charge) for initiatives with a capacity of 20 to 300 people, including light, sound and audiovisual equipment. In addition, a total of €75,000 is available for initiatives that take place during Pride and contribute to the emancipation and empowerment of our community. Organizations wishing to be considered for a space and/or contribution are invited to apply. The application must be received before March 1st and may not exceed 50% off the total costs with a maximum amount of €5,000. Rental of location, lighting, sound, and catering are not eligible for a subsidy. This has to do with the fact that we offer free spaces in The Pride Hub where these facilities are already included. In specific cases where it is not possible to program in The Pride Hub, an exception to that rule can be made.

Visibility Fund

On Saturday August 3rd, the 27th edition of the Canal Parade will take place. Although non-profit LGBTQIA+ organizations and private initiatives always pay only a fraction of the cost of participation, the total costs can add up quite quickly. This sometimes leaves little to no money left to decorate the boat in a beautiful way. In order to still be able to properly convey the substantive message to the public, an additional budget of €75,000 is made available by the participating corporates. With this, participants in the categories 3 / 4 (Rainbow Friends S en L) and 10 / 11 (Pride Rainbow Partner L en XL are able to apply for a financial contribution up to €5,000. The application must be received before March 1st and may not exceed 50% off the total costs for the decorations.