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Celebrating Diversity

For 25 years we have been celebrating freedom in Amsterdam – the freedom to truly be yourself and to love who you want. Pride Amsterdam has become an integral part of the annual calendar and our collective experience in the city. The festival has grown into a world-renowned event spanning several days where the LGBTQIA+ community truly sets the standard in the city. However, this has not always been the case. The road we have traveled to get here with Pride has been a long and hard one. Despite many highs and lows, the emancipation struggle has endured and taken unprecedented steps, with many moving moments to cherish forever.

Jul 21 – Aug 10
Exhibition Celebrating Diversity

From July 21st to August 10th the exhibition Celebrating Diversity will be displayed in Vondelpark. We look forward to being moved by the incredible images and recalling all the important…

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Jul 31 – Aug 08

PrideTV returns! During Pride Amsterdam, SALTO & OUTtv will go PINK. From July 31st to August 8th, SALTO1, Radio SALTO & OUTtv will be renamed PrideTV and PrideFM. PrideTV will…

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Jul 31
Pride Park

The official opening of Pride at the Vondelpark! We celebrate freedom and the best place to celebrate this is in the park of love. Loads of activities are happening, like…

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Aug 02 – Aug 05
Open Air Cinema

We are working very hard to make the Open Air Cinema possible this year. Locations: Krugerplein, Amsterdam-Oost & Mercatorplein Amsterdam-West. Keep an eye on this page, more information will be online…

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Aug 07
Pride Walk

With the Pride Walk we want to draw attention to the situation of LGBTIs in countries where homosexuality is included in the penal code, by carrying the flags of those…

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Aug 06 – Aug 08
Street Parties

The Street parties will be BACK! Please find here an overview of all street parties (with reservation):

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Jul 31 – Aug 08
Arts & Culture

Celebrating freedom and diversity during Pride Amsterdam is possible in many ways, certainly also in the arts. The program brings diversity to the festival and creates a platform for the…

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Take Pride in us

The theme of Pride Amsterdam 2021 is “TAKE PRIDE in us”. Unfortunately, it is still not common to be different and is it still necessary to work towards an inclusive Dutch society. ‘’I am thinking of a society in which your gender/sex/gender-orientation shouldn’t matter and is simply a given”, says director Lucien Spee of Pride Amsterdam. “That is why everyone who is different from the hetero norm should feel invited to be noticed and to be visible during Pride Amsterdam. Together we would like to convince all the heterosexuals of the Netherlands to be proud of us.”

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