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Celebrating Diversity

Visibility of the LGBTIQ+ community requires continuous attention and in times of Corona, this is harder than ever. Last year many events couldn’t take place and even now there is not much certainty when and under what kind of conditions we are able to start our production. At the beginning of May we will make the decision about the Canal Parade, but that there will be a Pride is one thing that’s certain. We can’t let our 25th anniversary uncelebrated! For example, there will be a photo exhibition on Museumplein and we will make a special anniversary photo book. For both, we are calling on professional and amateur photographers to submit meaningful and iconic photos that match 25 years of Pride Amsterdam.

Jul 31
Pride Walk

Every year, by tradition, Pride Amsterdam is opened by the Pride Walk. With the Pride Walk we want to draw attention to the situation of LGBTIs in countries where homosexuality…

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Jul 31
Pride Park

The official opening of Pride at the Vondelpark! We celebrate freedom and the best place to celebrate this is in the park of love. Loads of activities are happening, like…

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Aug 02 – Aug 05
Open Air Cinema

Join our Open Air Cinema 2021 at Mercatorplein! 400 (free) seats available, so be on time and don’t forget to bring your drinks and snacks!

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Aug 04 – Aug 08
Street Parties

Want to know where to go during Pride? Please find here an overview of all street parties (with reservation):

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Aug 07
Canal Parade

The world famous Canal Parade returns! Our participants submitted a detailed concept containing a direct link to the theme ‘TAKE PRIDE in us’. The 80 best concepts were awarded a spot…

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Jul 31 – Aug 08
Arts & Culture

Celebrating freedom and diversity during Pride Amsterdam is possible in many ways, certainly also in the arts. The program brings diversity to the festival and creates a platform for the…

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Take Pride in us

The theme of Pride Amsterdam 2021 is “TAKE PRIDE in us”. Unfortunately, it is still not common to be different and is it still necessary to work towards an inclusive Dutch society. ‘’I am thinking of a society in which your gender/sex/gender-orientation shouldn’t matter and is simply a given”, says director Lucien Spee of Pride Amsterdam. “That is why everyone who is different from the hetero norm should feel invited to be noticed and to be visible during Pride Amsterdam. Together we would like to convince all the heterosexuals of the Netherlands to be proud of us.”

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