Pride Amsterdam

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Pride Amsterdam takes place from July 27 to August 4, 2024.
On this page you will find all information for the press and media and you can apply for accreditation.

Everyone has the right to be who you are and to love who you want.The Pride Amsterdam Foundation wants to draw continued attention to human rights in general and the acceptance and equality of LGBTIQA+ people in particular, anywhere in the world. Pride is a grand celebration and at the same time an impressive plea for the emancipation of LGBTIQA+ people. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors come to the capital to attend Pride Amsterdam. Pride Amsterdam and its partners offer a range of activities and events in the field of debate, art, theater, film, (dance) parties and sports. The highlight is the famous Boat Parade, where content and entertainment come together to create a vibrant spectacle.


Press releases

We share relevant information for participants and visitors via our social media. We regularly publish press releases in Dutch for the press and media. You can sign up to receive this directly by email.

Latest press releases:

Jul 4th Release anthem en bekendmaking jury botenparade

Jun 26th Start verkoop vignetten Pride 2024

Feb 12th       Deelnemers Canal Parade 2024

Jan 18th       Call for concepts: Fondsen 2024

More information and the most current program can always be found at

Press center, accreditation and contact

Digital press center

Our digital press center with photo and video material is available on request for media who want to use our material. As a foundation, we charge a fee for use in order to continue investing in our image bank. Requests can be made through our spokesperson.

Speaker mediation

Looking for speakers, presenters, experts? The Pride Amsterdam Foundation network has a huge number of activists who are committed to the large and diverse rainbow family in the field of LGBTQIA+ rights. We enjoy bringing people together with clear agreements and expectations on both sides. Because our fight for equal rights and treatment starts with meeting, inspiring and communicating how we can change the world together.

Accreditation during Pride Amsterdam

Media are of course very welcome and require press accreditation for this. It is important that journalists can identify themselves as journalists. An accreditation does not automatically grant access to (closed) activities.You can request accreditation for the press quay for the Canal Parade on Saturday, August 3, 2024.For all other activities, any access with accreditation will only take place in consultation.

During the canal parade, journalists with their press accreditation (Pride Press Card) can gain access to the press box that provides an unobstructed view of the boats. Without press accreditation they will not be admitted. Photographers who work for their own websites / social media can also gain access to this press box. In appreciation of this access, we ask that 10 photos (of your own choice) of the boat parade be used by our organization. With these photos you help us keep the archive up to date.

Your own dinghy for the boat parade is subject to production costs (€ 750 excl. VAT). The press sloop is only intended for camera crews of (inter)national media and is provided by us with a skipper and mate. It is not permitted to sail your own sloop during the boat parade.

Journalists who do not want access to the press box on the canal can of course do their work anywhere in the city, along the route and among the public.

The accreditation of Pride Amsterdam has been opened:.

Contact spokesperson

For urgent matters you can email us. Therefore, send your question specifically and to the right person. Due to crowds, we may not respond immediately, but we will do our utmost to respond quickly. During Pride Amsterdam from July 27 to August 4, 2024, we will be limited with email, so arrange things on time.

For all press and media questions, please contact our press & communications manager Martijn Albers (he/him) via: [email protected].

For questions about our social media/influencer collabs, etc., please email [email protected]

For artists who want to express their interest in performances, you can complete this form.

Send general questions to: i[email protected] and also look at our visitor information and frequently asked questions.