Pride Amsterdam


Pride Amsterdam 2024 will be held from July 27th to August 4th 2024 To inform the media – in addition to the online information – you will find everything you need here. Important: all media require a general press accreditation to attend Pride Amsterdam.


Press Center

The accreditation of Pride Amsterdam will open in July 2024.

This year you can apply for accreditation for the press quay during the Canal Parade. For all other activities, any access with accreditation only takes place in consultation.

For urgent matters, please email us. Please make sure you are on time, because when we are in production, we may not be able to answer your e-mail or it may be delayed.

Pride Amsterdam

Everyone has the right to be who you are and to love who you want. The Pride Amsterdam Foundation wants to continue paying attention to human rights in general and the acceptance and equality of LGBTI people in particular, anywhere in the world. Pride is a great party and at the same time an impressive plea for the emancipation of LGBTIs. Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors come to the capital of the Netherlands to attend the nine-day festival. Pride Amsterdam offers – with its partners – a range of events in the field of debate, art, theatre, film, (dance) parties and sports. The highlight is the famous Canal Parade, where content and entertainment come together to create a lively spectacle. More information and program at

Press releases

General Press accreditations

The media are welcome at our festival. But all media need a general press accreditation if you want to be present at activities, meetings, parties, canal parade etc as a journalist. It is important that you can identify yourself as a journalist at these activities like Pride Walk, Pride Park, Pride at the Beach etc. The accreditation is for example also especially important to gain access to the press centre of Pride Amsterdam and other press-facilities during the canal parade. 

Press accreditations during Canal Parade

During the Canal parade, journalists can access the press section with their press accreditation (Pride Press card). You will not be admitted without press accreditation. From this place, you have a free view of the parade and you can follow everything carefully. Journalists who do not want access to the press section can do their work anywhere in the city along the route of the parade and between the public. Important: You still need a general press accreditation (see explanation above).

Self-employed photographers

Photographers who work for their own websites/ social media, can also obtain accreditation for a press section. In exchange for access to these press section, the Pride Amsterdam Foundation receives 10 photos of your choice. Duty-free (with attribution) may be used for promotional purposes by Pride Amsterdam. If you do not want access to the press section, no problem. Photographers can do their work anywhere in the city, along the route, between the public, but you still need a general press accreditation. 

Press boat

For only € 750,- excl. VAT, we can arrange a press boat for camera teams, (inter) national broadcasters and tv-stations. It is not allowed to use your own boat during the canal parade.

Online accreditations form

Link will follow in July 2024.

Contact for media

Have questions about the press accreditations, other press inquiries and/or opportunities?

You can contact:

            Martijn Albers – Press & Communications Pride Amsterdam

            Email: [email protected]

Only for press and media, for regular questions and information contact: [email protected].