Pride Amsterdam

Linda de Munck (she/her)


Text: Paul Hofman
Foto: Remon van den Kommer
Video: Paradox Productions

Linda de Munck: ‘Sexuality is the red thread that runs through my life’.

Without a doubt, she is the Pride ambassador with the most outspoken views. Linda de Munck (27) is a jack-of-all-trades: she is a presenter, writer and above all an influencer. With more than 42,000 followers, she is a figurehead and at the same time role model for many Bi(sexuals) within the LHBT-community. Her mission? Make everything discussable. All taboos have to disappear, especially those concerning sex and bisexuality.

On a sunny day in the middle of the Pijp area, we sat down with this flamboyant activist and feminist in heart and soul. Better: activist feminist. She is a hot-tempered woman who talks openly and honestly about subjects that are close to her heart. Topics: her ambassadorship, love, lust, life and her message.

Born in Friesland, she grew up in Brabant and then ended up in Groningen. After secondary school, she went to study tourism. She succeeded but made her hobby her job. It was 2010 when she made her own YouTube videos in which she talked frankly about sex in all its facets, her life and her own orientation.

It turns out to be a bull’s-eye. Gradually I have grown in terms of the number of followers on Instagram. I have about 42,000 now’, it sounds proud. Many of them have an LHBT-background. Not surprising that by breaking taboos she becomes popular and a much sought-after speaker and opinion guest. I noticed that I could earn money with it. That’s how I became an entrepreneur by accident.

As an adolescent, I was a girl who was bullied a lot. At a young age I saw that sex appealed to me and I was very open about it. When she was twelve, she had her first orgasm, she says. That’s how she got to know sex at a young age. As an adolescent, Linda was curious and got to know herself well. In this way, she became a connoisseur and questioner par excellence. At the age of fifteen, she started making a vlog.

Armpit hair and make-up

As an influencer, she is in a position like no other to bring up topics relating to sex. I do that in a natural and respectful way without being vulgar. About herself, Linda says she likes armpit hair and also mascara. Strange? No way, it’s my own choice and I won’t let anyone dictate it to me. Rebellious type: that describes her best. If everyone says yes, I am the one who says no’. She doesn’t like stereotypes.

She was nineteen when she came out of the closet as a bisexual. I thought about it carefully. I struggled with it, but I didn’t need to. With my family and friends it was no problem at all. I wanted to share my coming out with others through my social media. People can learn from my own experiences.

There is so much more possible in the area of sexuality. It is a big part of your identity. The taboo on this and on being bi should really be broken. As a woman, you have to be able to make your own choices, not only in terms of beauty but also in terms of sexuality. The older she gets, the better she gets to know herself. ‘

The theme My Gender, My Pride could have been Linda’s own idea, she laughs. I do link everything to my womanhood. But gender is fluid, I am proud of who I am.

A role model? Absolutely, also as an ambassador. I often come up against prejudices. For example? If a woman has a lot of sex with different bed partners, she is seen as a slut. But if a boy does that, it is accepted. Her look speaks for itself. Indignant: ‘You are so quickly pigeonholed. A subject that caused a great deal of commotion at the beginning of this year was the cross-border behaviour of BN celebrities such as singer Marco Borsato, Ali B and former footballers Marc Overmars and Winston Bogarde, artists, footballers and politicians. I find it reprehensible that some people blame the victim. I have had to deal with transgressive behaviour myself on occasion.

As an ambassador, she is going to make a difference, that much is certain. Her message? I do many things that are not seen as feminine. I am cheeky, tough, don’t wear a bra and make-up. Beauty things are wasted on me. I want to show a more diverse image of femininity. At the last minute she tells us that she will celebrate Pride 2022 and fight at the same time. For acceptance and against the ignorance of many people about bisexuality. And she emphasises: ‘Don’t be afraid of the opinion of others. Stand up for yourself. I had to learn to be self-assured. However you look at it, Pride is still very much needed.

Pride ambassador since 2022