Pride Amsterdam

Women and Pride

We would like to put LGBTQ+ women, and those who feel connected to this community, in the center of the attention. To connect younger generations to older generations, women+ from different backgrounds and life experiences and encourage the exchange between the different people in our community. Is there a common ground, what are the values that emerge and how can we consolidate these? 

As a committee we would like to contribute to the community, starting this Pride edition. Keep an eye on our agenda 😉

Esmée Ronde (she/her) is a theater director and playwright, born and raised in Amsterdam with strong roots in Surinam. She teaches Theatre at different schools and organizations in the Netherlands and is currently making a new play with her girlfriend. Whenever Esmée is not teaching or directing, she is dancing and singing. 

Sarah Ringoet (voorzitter/ chair | she/her) is a Flemish theatre director, performer, playwright and poet living in Amsterdam. She also teaches physical theatre at The Amsterdam University of the Arts. Recently, Ringoet released the poetry collections NOT | STILL & .in which dimension are we dancing