Pride Amsterdam

Women and Pride

 (Text in collaboration with Suzanne Fusano)

The future is female and female is the future

Women and Pride is the committee for all women: lesbians, dykes, spouse, females, ladies and chicks. Whatever name you give us, women are central to everything we do and everything we stand for. Our committee is made up of love and commitment for all women and in particular every woman who loves women.

We remember our predecessors and we want you(th) for the future

It is new generations who have to take over from the older ones. With the committee, we look for common ground to connect older women with young women. In achieving equal rights and opportunities for all women, we must not forget who and what preceded us. We celebrate what has been achieved and speak for what has yet to be achieved.

Women are indispensable in Pride and at Pride 2020 we aim to reach new female public, old and young women. We also want to be there and speak for all women who, for whatever reason, cannot be the woman they want.

By organizing parties, discussions, debate and play, we go for freedom and to enjoy being a woman. This year, too, the women’s committee guarantees a diverse, sexy, special and progressive offering where the pussy power strikes harder than ever before.

Dear women, we would like to meet you this year to remember and create the future together!