Pride Amsterdam

Corporate Pride

A powerful signal

The engagement of companies actively committed to an inclusive and diverse society is invaluable. This extends beyond their internal personnel policies. By actively participating in and supporting activities of the LGBTQIA+ community, such as Amsterdam Pride, companies send a powerful signal: everyone is valuable and appreciated. Not only large companies but also smaller ones that do this not only enrich the activities of the LGBTQIA+ community but can also provide support to individuals who are still exploring their identity or who do not feel safe in their environment. The message is clear: everyone is welcome, and that includes you.

Companies show their support for the LGBTQIA+ community in various ways. In addition to sponsoring events like Amsterdam Pride and LGBTQIA+ organizations, this manifests in establishing internal LGBTQIA+ networks and support groups for employees and offering inclusive training for staff. They also create advertising campaigns promoting diversity and acceptance and even advocate for equal rights and anti-discrimination laws.

More than just participation

The Corporate Pride Committee consists of representatives from companies participating in or supporting the canal parade during Pride Amsterdam, or enabling this for LGBTQIA+ organizations that lack the financial means. By contributing to the canal parade, participating companies not only facilitate this event but also contribute to organizing various activities during Pride Amsterdam.

Throughout the year, committee members meet four times. Aside from networking, these meetings are primarily used to share experiences regarding diversity and inclusion concerning both employees and customers. Best practices are discussed, and experts are invited to highlight specific aspects of diversity and inclusion, such as improving personnel policies.

Within the Corporate Pride Committee, a working group organizes a congress prior to Pride Week. This congress focuses on themes that highlight and strengthen the role of the business community in realizing an inclusive and diverse society.

This congress is not only for members of the Corporate Pride Committee. Members of the Pride Business Club, which represents all partners of the Amsterdam Pride Foundation, are also welcome to attend. The close ties between the Corporate Pride Committee and the Pride Business Club enhance the involvement of all partners of the Amsterdam Pride Foundation. Together, they contribute to creating a society where diversity is celebrated, and everyone can feel accepted.