Pride Amsterdam

Corporate Pride

Contributions from industry are of great importance

The Corporate Pride Commission started two years ago. Participating companies meet regularly in this committee to prepare for participation in Pride, the ultimate celebration of diversity and “inclusion”.

Bringing them together in this way encourages sharing experiences and ideas in such a way that they realize their diversity and inclusion objectives in an even better way. A large number of Corporate Pride Partners, for example, have gained the necessary experience in organizing participation since their establishment. For some partners, however, it is still completely unknown territory.

Wouter Neerings is the face of this pink group of companies as committee chairman and emphasizes that a Pride is only successful if it is broadly and strongly anchored in society. Participation in Pride Amsterdam by the business community is essential.

Only together can you ensure that Pride is and remains anchored in our society

This does not only happen because the business community makes activities possible for which no subsidy is provided; it is especially reflected in the fact that participating companies are “out of the closet” and actively committed. In this way they show society that they actively dare to stick their necks out for a diverse and inclusive society and they encourage not only other organizations, large and small, but also individuals to do so.